Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Life As A Dog by Skyler

Yep, that's me over there in that picture!  I'm writing this blog today and it's all about what it would be like for you to be my size, less than a foot off the ground and experience the world around you like me - a lovable pint-sized pup.  At my house, I think it would be pretty good.

Just imagine, no worries.  On beautiful sunny fall days like yesterday, I could stand in my driveway and just hold my little nose up in the air and just smell and take in all of the wonderful things.  "Skyler", stern look at master, "NO" I don't have to potty, I just want to smell the world around me.  A bird sings and it catches my attention for a moment as a look in one of the really big trees in my yard.  There's that crazy squirrel!  I want to chase him, but somehow, the warm sun on my back and the breeze bringing all of those wonderful smells past my twitching nose, just seem to be more important.

I learned a long time ago, to obey my mom.  I don't run away anymore.  I'm getting kind of old and I don't have such a great heart anymore, but on days like this, I feel like a pup again.  I can imagine running and playing, chasing the ball around the yard and standing patiently and waiting for my cookie for being a good dog outside.

Oh, did I mention that I have itcheeeees.  Guess I'm allergic to grass or something, no fleas on me, no siree, but grass  just makes me itch.  Don't much like walking on it these days either., and when it's wet, we won't even go there with that thought.  Don't like to get my feet wet unless it's in a nice warm bath.  But I do love to stand on that warm driveway on days like today.  It just feels so good.  I don't have a care in the world, but just standing her, sniffing and taking in the world as I soak up those warm rays of sunshine.  Ahhh, this is the life.

Mom's home!  Yeah, that means one thing, hugs and SUPPER!  My  little cup of Beneful with water on it so I can chew it easier.  My mom knows how to treat a fabulous canine specimen like me.   Here comes the peanut butter blob.  She thinks I don't know that there's nasty tasting stuff rolled up in that peanut butter, but that's okay, it all makes me feel better.  A year ago, they didn't even think I would still be here.  I was so sick.  All of that good medicine from my doggie doc has kept me going and they just call me the little miracle.  I don't get much exercise, but I have managed to shed a few pounds here and there, so that has helped me too. I'm not ready to give in and close my eyes for the last time.  I've got a lot of sunny days to enjoy and breezes to sniff.

I have a pretty good vocabulary too, for an 18 pound dog.  If I hear the words "go for a ride in the car", whoa, that means I'm gonna get to go for a ride some where and if my boy is in the car and headed off to that big building he goes to everyday, that means, we are stopping at that place with the big red box that talks to you and magically, when you pull up to that open window, there's FOOD!  Those girls inside that window think that I'm just soooo cute and sometimes, they have dog cookies for me.  I give them a cute little bark and wag my fluffy tail and they just melt to pieces.  I always get an "aw" out of them when I do that.  Oh wow, wonderful smells have just come into my car, oh, I just don't think I can stand it. My boy gives me a little piece of crust from his food, and my mom, well she thinks of everything.  I'm probably the only dog in the whole world that has his very own "to go" cup permanently in the car.  They get big tall bowls of water with sticks in them and I have my perfect puppy sized to go cup that fits right down in that little hole in the middle of the seat, so I just stand there and lap up my "to go" water!

Some people call me spoiled rotten.  No way, I'm just lucky!  I've got a bed in every room, and I get to sleep on the bed with my folks at night.  It's so cool.  They can let the air out to make it softer.  So I just lay my head on my own squishy pillow and get covered up with my pint sized little blanket and go to sleep.  It's great.  Some mornings, I even sleep later than my folks!

I have my own bank lady too.  We go there sometimes and there is another magic box that appears and if I bark and wag my tail, I get cookies there, too!  Those ladies are so nice to me and they remember me every time I go with Mom.

Okay, so maybe I am a little spoiled, but I'm not a guard dog!  I'm a lover and I don't have a care in the world except to get my tummy rubbed, get carried around, play with the squeaky in my favorite bobo toys, eat my supper, ride in my car, sleep on my pillows, eat, play and watch my television (I love television, especially those shows that are on in the daytime with all of the people yelling at each other and doing that kissy face thing).  I don't know where they all go though, they just kind of disappear.

Ahh, life is good and it's another breakfast time.  Another day to stand outside and soak up the rays, smell the smells, scare my squirrel and just love the good life as a dog.

Don't you have something to do?  Most people types do.  But remember, always be sociable!  I don't think people would think to much of you if you walked up and rubbed their tummy and scratched behind their ears, so just give them a paw and shake it good.  Or better yet, a good hug and a kiss on their nose, nah, stick with the paw.  You don't want them to think you're weird!

Wiggles, wags and doggie kisses to all of you!  Where's my cookie!